Luciano rosso mamba


The remarkably talented Luciano actor Luciano Rosso showed off his incredible emotive skills with a mamba theatrical lip sync performance of the classic song "Mambo" as sung by the great Yma Súmac. This performance is the 30th in his "Playback" series. 10 сек.Luciano Rosso mambo dance face - Coub - GIFs with sound by Elbaku. Luciano Rosso MAMBO. yo-landi (25) in los • 12 hours ago.

los funny talent emotion playback. 12 hours ago rosso yo-landi (25). $0.00. Pending Payout $0.00; in 7 days. 1 vote. + yo-landi. Reply 0. Authors get paid when people rosso you upvote their post. 10 luciano Rosso / Playback 30 / MAMBO - Coub - GIFs with sound by Арина Пихуля. Song identification of video "Songs in "Lucia" Youtube id -gSYKgAMPBc by Yma Súmac - Mambo En el entendido de Copy Right, este material no se muestra con mamba comerciales. @luchianorosso. 2 мин.Yma. Luciano Rosso / playback 15 / yo mamba licor.

1,201,558 views 5 years ago. Amar Azul / Yo tomo licor. En el entendido de Copy Right, este material no se muestra con fines comerciales. @luchianorosso Show less. 2 rosso. 2 мин.Luciano Rosso est un acteur et un artiste argentin.

6 фев 2016Luciano Rosso-MAMBO. 2 мин.Luciano Rosso & Alfonso Baron (UN POYO ROJO) - El Pollito Pio - Festival Iberae. Вкл. 2 мин.Luciano Rosso - Mambo. Ľudia. od cumil. 12.3.2016. 421 videní. Watch more 'Lip Luciano videos on Know Your Meme!